Qi 2.0 Wireless Charger Introduction

--Global Debut of NuVolta Qi2 MPP Module

1.What’s Qi2 and MPP

Qi2 is the new generation wireless charging technology standard introduced by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). The Qi wireless charging standard incorporates the Magnetic Power Profile (MPP) technology based on Apple’s MagSafe magnetic charging technology. Compared to BPP (Basic Power Profile) and EPP (Extended Power Profile), the key feature of MPP is the addition of a magnetic ring for alignment, enabling optimal alignment for faster charging, higher efficiency, and greater convenience. This standard aims to provide a better wireless charging user experience and pave the way for the development of future new features and enhanced functionalities.

2. Qi2 First to Market

WPC initiated the Soft-Launch certification testing starting from November 2023. This phase primarily targets early participants in the polit testing (MPP Plugfest) and standard technical contributors. Products that pass the certification will serve as resources for Qi2 compatibility testing and set the benchmark for subsequent certifications. NuVolta, as a leading company in the wireless charging industry, has been involved in the promotion of the Qi2 standard and has won the privilege of participating in the first batch of certification testing. The NuVolta Nu222 module has successfully passed the testing and is expected to receive the official certificate from WPC by end of Nov. Meanwhile, preparations have been made to deliver the modules to Apple’s ecosystem partners such as Belkin and Mophie, with the expectation of launching them in the Christmas season this year, providing MPP 15W fast charging for the latest Apple iPhone 15 series.

3. MPP Module’s value and application

MagSafe is a proprietary protocol of Apple Inc., and it requires Apple’s authorization through MFi certification to achieve 15W fast charging for Apple phones. Without this certification, even though it is possible to magnetically attach for charging, the power output is limited to 7.5W. This limitation hampers the expansion of the ecosystem. Qi2 MPP upgrades the proprietary protocol to a universal protocol of the WPC. By obtaining Qi2 certification, it becomes possible to adapt to Apple’s 15W fast charging, significantly reducing end-user costs and allowing more chip and device manufacturers to jointly cultivate the ecosystem.

The module subsystem certification method pioneered by NuVolta allows customers to quickly stack new products like building blocks. Customers using module products certified with Qi2 can adopt the subsystem certification method, which simplifies the certification process, reduces the development cycle, and saves certification fees.

Accelerate wireless charging ecosystem First to market using Module
• Cost competitive VS MFi MegSafe module• WPC public protocol, allows more participators • Simplifies the certification with subsystem mode.• Save Qi2 certification cost

MPP modules not only replace traditional MagSafe modules but also reduce wireless charging costs and enhance user experience. They are widely used in wireless charging docks, magnetic power banks, and in-car chargers.

4. NuVolta MPP Introduction


NuVolta offers diverse support solutions for MPP products. The first solution is the module approach, which involves using high-density standard modules certified by Qi2. These modules can be embedded into customer products through standard interfaces, enabling customers to quickly launch new products.

The second solution is PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) customization, which caters to customers’ specific and differentiated product requirements. NuVolta currently has the Nu222 product, which is Qi2 certified and fully compatible with Apple’s C222. Additionally, products like Nu223 are undergoing the certification process.

Nu222 Module Specification

Input Power USB PD 9V 2.22A / 5V 3A

DC 9V 2.22A
Output Power 15W Max
Standby Power <300mw
System Efficiency 78%(Max)
Protocol BPP + MPP (Qi 2.0)
Coil Type MPP 7.42uH@360KHz
Protection OVP / UVP / OCP / OTP / OSP
FOD Q factor / Analog Ping / Power Transfer FOD based on power loss modeling
Main Chips Wireless charger IC: NU1718(NuVolta)
Interface Power: V+, V-, D+, D-, CC1

Other: SDA, SCL. LED1, CC2

Key Device NU1718 Tx Controller

NU1718 is a highly integrated wireless charging transmitter controller developed by NuVolta. It integrates a Boost converter, PD (Power Delivery) protocol, and a 64K MTP (Multi-Time Programmable) memory, effectively meeting the specifications required for Qi2 MPP. Additionally, this chip is also suitable for developing 80W transmitters, and it is currently being utilized by multiple domestic mobile phone OEMs in China.

•       Wide Input Voltage: 4.5V to 30V

•       Integrated Boost/Buck Controller, output voltage range is 5V to 45V with 25mV step

•       Integrated 3 pair Half-Bridge Drivers with controllable dead-time and slew rate

•       Integrated 5V, 3.3V and 1.8V LDO

•       High-Accuracy Current Measurement for FOD and In-Band Communication

•       Integrated high precision Q Factor and LC resonant Frequency Measurement

•       Integrated Low-Error-Rate Digital Demodulation

•       Robust OVP, UVP, OCP, OJP (Juggle Protection) and TSD Protection

•       I2C Master/Slave and UART Interfaces

•       13 channel, 14bit ADC

•       Integrated 91.996MHz, 32Bit/64K MTP/4K SRAM MCU Core

•       Integrated QC/PD3.0(PPS) protocol function

•       Ultra-Low quiescent current in SLEEP mode <20uA

5. MPP Module Selection Guide

6. MPP Certified Finished Product

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