Can a wireless charger without the Qi logo work?

Yes, a wireless charger can work without the Qi logo. Qi is a wireless charging standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), which sets guidelines and requirements for wireless charging devices to ensure interoperability between different brands and devices.

However, not all wireless charging devices comply with the Qi standard. Some manufacturers develop their own proprietary wireless charging technologies, which may not be compatible with devices that use the Qi standard. In other cases, the wireless charger may be compatible with the Qi standard, but the manufacturer has chosen not to pay for the right to use the Qi logo.

If you’re unsure whether a wireless charger without the Qi logo will work with your device, you should check the specifications of both the charger and your device to see if they are compatible. Some devices may have a specific list of supported wireless charging standards, while others may be more flexible in what they can work with.

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