CowinLink Limited launches under-desk wireless fast charging pad, supports 30mm thick desktop use

Invisible Long Distance Wireless Charging Pad

As an extension of wired charging, wireless charging has the advantages of convenient use and good compatibility and has been widely used in offices and new energy vehicles. The traditional wireless charging needs to be plugged in, and the mobile phone needs to be placed directly on it to charge, which not only affects the aesthetics of the desk but also occupies the desktop space and is easy to slip and other problems.

The company is a well-known manufacturer that has successfully applied wireless charging technology to cross-industry fields. The application fields cover the furniture industry, medical equipment industry, beauty equipment industry, automobile industry, and other special technology industries. It is a cross-industry wireless charging solution expert. Member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).

In response to the pain point that traditional wireless charging needs to be placed on the desktop, the company has launched a wireless charger that can be installed under the desktop. This wireless charger supports 30mm thick desktop use. It is installed under the desktop and the mobile phone is placed on the corresponding wireless charger. It can be wirelessly charged at the charging position, supports 10W fixed-frequency voltage regulation wireless charging, and is compatible with 7.5W and 5W wireless charging.

The T590 wireless charger adopts a black shell, uses ABS+PC refractory material, and the shell adopts a sun-textured process and supports other texture customization. It can be installed under the desktop, which does not occupy desktop space and is more convenient to use.

The T590 wireless charger has a built-in cooling fan with automatic temperature control and cooling control. Adopt USB-C interface, support QC3.0 and PD fast charging input, adapt to different adapter applications, support up to 10W wireless charging, adapt to a variety of models, and meet the wireless charging needs of mobile phones on the market.

The T590 wireless charger has a diameter of 110mm and a thickness of 20mm. It has two mounting holes on the edge. It only needs to be screwed to the bottom of the desktop to complete the installation.

T590 wireless charger has obtained CE, FCC, ROHS, and PSE certification. The product has built-in input overcurrent protection, input overvoltage protection, foreign object detection function and overheating protection, etc., which effectively ensures the safety of wireless charging and mobile phones.

The T590 wireless charger can be customized with Bluetooth function, and the applet can be activated by scanning the code for wireless charging. It is very suitable for public places such as hotels, cafes, hot pot restaurants, etc., to meet the emergency charging needs of users. And wireless charging supports USB-C port charging output. Mobile phones that do not have wireless charging can be connected through a wired connection and support 10W output power.



T590 under-desk wireless fast charging solves the inconvenient use of traditional wireless charging on the desktop, and the 30mm wireless charging transmission distance is suitable for most desktop use. Enhanced wireless charging transmission distance, no need to open holes on the desktop to reduce the thickness, and it can be used directly after installation. It is easy to install and use.

The 10W wireless charging power can be used with most mobile phones on the market, and the versatility is very good. Not only can it be used to install applications under the desk, but also can customize the scanning code charging function, locate the coil position through stickers, and cooperate with Bluetooth connection for wireless charging control. The simple installation method is convenient for cafes and fast-food restaurants to install and use.

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