How can I charge my Airpods in a car?

3 in 1 Wireless Car Charger

In 2016, Apple launched AirPods, which undoubtedly brought great convenience to Apple mobile phone users. Later, the second generation of AirPods implanted wireless charging technology into the charging compartment, making the charging of AirPods more convenient. Today, Apple has released AirPods Pro, compatible with Magsafe wireless charging. Apple’s technological innovation has advanced by leaps and bounds, bringing great convenience to users.

However, most AirPods charging boxes on the market use traditional cable charging, and some wireless charging can only be realized when desktop wireless charging is used. The technology of wireless charging for AirPods with car chargers is blank. To solve the problem of charging the charging box for AirPods users when driving or riding in a car, CowinLink Limited has released an all-in-one car wireless charger, HY-055, and HY-056; HY-055 solves both iPhone Magsafe wireless charging and AirPods The problem of wireless charging; In addition to solving these two problems, HY-056 also takes into account the charging of Apple Watches. It kills three birds with one stone and solves the charging problems of almost all devices for Apple users.

The all-in-one car wireless charger released by CowinLink Limited has its own magnetic wireless charging for mobile phones and the charging slot of the AirPods charging box, which supports the charging of the wireless charging box and meets the magnetic charging of various Apple watches. Put the charging box into the charging slot, and the wireless charging will display the charging status, and then put the mobile phone on it to start magnetic wireless charging. The demo video below will show the functionality of this wireless charger.

At this point, charging AirPods in the car is no longer difficult, and no extra charging cables are needed. With a CowinLink all-in-one car wireless charger, all problems will be solved.

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