How to apply for FCC certification of wireless chargers?

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How to apply for FCC certification of wireless chargers?

The wireless charger is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction for charging. signal and convert the electromagnetic signal into electric current.

So as to achieve the purpose of wireless charging. Wireless charging technology is a special power supply method that does not require a power cord, relies on electromagnetic wave propagation, and then converts the electromagnetic wave energy into electrical energy, and finally realizes wireless charging. However, wireless chargers in the United States need to apply for FCC-ID certification.

Why do wireless chargers need FCC certification?

FCC-ID is one of the mandatory FCC certification modes in the United States. Products with wireless transmission frequencies, such as Bluetooth devices, WiFi devices, wireless alarm devices, radio reception and transmission devices, telephones, computers, etc., all need to apply for FCC-ID. Certification. The certification of wireless products is directly approved and issued by the FCC TCB agency, and the certification can be checked on the official website of the FCC in the United States.

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Wireless charging FCC ID test items:

Standard: FCC Part 15C

◆ Conducted Emission

◆ Radiated Emission

◆ Bandwidth test Bandwidth test

FCC ID certification process:

Step 1: Apply

1. Fill out the application form

2. Application company information form

3. Provide product information

Step 2: Quote

Determine the test standard, test time and corresponding cost according to the information provided

Step 3: Payment and sample delivery

After the applicant confirms the quotation, signs the quotation contract and service agreement, pays the full project fee, and prepares the test prototype.

The prototype provides:

a. Each model applying for certification shall provide at least one qualified prototype (two or more are recommended)

b. The provided prototype must be guaranteed to be a formally qualified prototype, and its internal electrical structure and appearance must be consistent with the exported batch prototypes

c. The trademark model on the prototype must be clear and reliable

Step 4: Test

The laboratory conducts a full set of tests on the applied products and the difference test of related models according to the relevant American testing standards

Step 5: The test is passed, the report is completed, and the report is submitted to the TCB agency for review

Step 6: The audit is completed, and the TCB agency issues the FCC ID certificate

The following information is required to apply for an FCC ID

1. Applicant’s name, product name, model, address, telephone, fax, contact person and their position

2. For the transmitting part, the fundamental frequency of the transmission (it is good to provide the frequency band used)

3. The applicant’s FCC registration number (FRN).

4. FCCID includes Grantee Code company code (3 letters or numerical values), and product code (1-14 letters or numerical values)

5. FCC1abel location FCC1abel location and its specifications.

6. Simple working principle, function description

7. Schematic block diagram

FCC ID certification validity period:

Validity period of FCC ID certification As long as the standards of the product have not changed, the FCC ID certification is valid for a long time.

FCC ID certification cycle

The certification period is about 3-4 weeks.

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