In 2021, the market stock of smartphones with wireless charging functions will reach 1 billion units.

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In 2021, nearly one-third of smartphones sold in the world will be equipped with wireless charging functions, and the market stock of smartphones with wireless charging functions will reach 1 billion units. With these developments, Qi’s role in driving the adoption of wireless charging and ensuring interoperability is more important than ever.

Today, a decade after wireless charging, Strategy Analytics finds that the feature is so popular that it has gone from niche to mainstream in many parts of the world. This year, the global market stock of smartphones with wireless charging functions will exceed 1 billion units. At the same time, the application of this technology in TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphone charging boxes is also expected to grow strongly. In view of this, Qi-Certified wireless charging equipment will see a surge in sales in 2021 – 515 million RX (receiving) devices are expected to be sold and 197 million TX (transmitting) chargers.

Total Qi wireless charging device sales (RX+TX) increased by nearly 30% year over year compared to 2020. Its average annual sales growth is expected to be close to 24% between now and 2025. Qi acts as a catalyst: advancing the adoption of wireless charging in mid-range smartphones, and it is also widespread in the global TWS headset market, which has shipped 72 million units.

The Asia-Pacific region continues to dominate the world, with sales expected to reach 166 million units in 2021, accounting for nearly 39% of the 429 million units of Qi-certified smartphones expected to be sold this year. According to this, the Asia-Pacific region will account for nearly half of the global wireless charging smartphone market stock.

In fact, since the birth of Qi, China has been the main force driving it forward. In recent years, Chinese manufacturers have spearheaded the expansion of Qi charging with proprietary models that, in some cases, are meant to compete with wired charging. At present, some Chinese and foreign manufacturers choose to implement their own solutions with faster-charging speed so as to establish a strong, differentiated competitive advantage. With this in mind, Strategy Analytics estimates that in 2021, the global share of smartphones that only support Qi (BPP or EPP) will be 17% (and part of it is a combination of Qi + vendor-specific models).

In Strategy Analytics’ series of annual surveys of smartphone users around the world, “battery life” is consistently the most important factor in smartphone purchases by consumers in most regions (ranked second in China after “Processor Speed”). In this sense, Qi, as a global standard for wireless charging, has always played a vital role in ensuring interoperability between products.

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