Summary of precautions for using Paypal account


PayPal is currently one of the most commonly used tools for domestic sellers to collect foreign exchange. It is an indispensable collection tool for collecting money at independent stations in Europe and the United States.
PayPal has an extremely strict risk control system. The following summarizes some precautions when using PayPal.

1. PayPal registration can be registered with personal information and corporate qualifications. Please use real information when registering. Use Chinese or Pinyin for your name. Don’t name it arbitrarily to avoid a troublesome follow-up review of the information. Individual registered accounts provide corporate qualifications and can be upgraded to corporate accounts.

2. PayPal personal accounts and corporate accounts can be used to collect payments from independent stations, as long as the system supports them.

3. With the exception of Hong Kong, there will be a withdrawal fee of US$35 for PayPal withdrawals. There is no handling fee for HKD 1,000 cash withdrawal from a Hong Kong account. Isn’t it exciting, but the settlement currency is HKD, there will be a 2.5% currency conversion fee. It is not cost-effective to withdraw cash more than US$1750, and domestic bank withdrawal fees are lower.

4. The funds received by the independent station bound to the new PayPal will be frozen for 21 days. This is normal. Don’t panic. If you want to unfreeze in advance, you can only send the logistics properly, or the buyer clicks to confirm the receipt.

5. After the order is shipped, try to fill in the corresponding logistics order number in the PayPal background, PayPal can query the tracking information, and the status of the receipt will not easily freeze the account. (The workload of many orders is very large, and the mature station system in the market usually already has the ability to automatically synchronize the logistics order number to PayPal)

6. Order delivery must use the address information in the order and do not send it to the address provided by the customer’s private message. Once the buyer initiates a dispute of refusal on the grounds of not receiving the goods, it is very unfavorable to the seller. (The seller protection policy only protects the actual address in the order, and the private address is not protected)

7. Do not access PayPal through proxy services. The IP address you log in is sometimes China or other regions in the United States. Frequent switching of IP can easily trigger PayPal risk control to think that the account is abnormal and restrict it.

8. If you don’t have complete information, please don’t arbitrarily register a PayPal account in Hong Kong or other countries to collect money. PayPal has a customary practice to check accounts. Once the accounts need to provide information and you cannot provide them, the account will be frozen.

9. A PayPal account can be bound to multiple independent stations for collecting money, but it is still recommended to separate accounts for each station because once restricted, all websites will not be able to collect money.

10. If there is a demand for dozens of PayPal accounts, you should consider anti-correlation measures if the amount is large because once there is a problem with the account, other accounts may also be implicated.

11. Serious account violations will be permanently blocked (accepting illegal products, infringing products, etc.). The funds in the account can be withdrawn after opening 180 days, but the account cannot be used.

12. Long-term collection is a better way to use PayPal. You can withdraw cash after receiving the money, but do not withdraw immediately. It is recommended to leave 10%-20% of the funds in the account for the protection of disputes.

13. Accounts that are not certified can also be used for payment. For high-value products, accounts that are not certified by PayPal should be vigilant to avoid being used by criminals.

14. Paypal withdraws cash directly to the bank for fear of being rejected. You can withdraw cash through third-party settlements, such as WordFirst, Sky Cloud Remittance, Lianlian Payment, Pianying, Pingpong, Cross-border Coral, etc. Foreign exchange settlement through a third party can break through the restrictions of foreign exchange control, either for public or private.

15. Paypal and credit card payments have a 180-day chargeback period, during which buyers can initiate chargebacks. Of course, PayPal buyers and sellers have corresponding protection policies.

16. Paypal accounts registered with the same mainland identity cannot make mutual payments and transfers. The seller wants to test whether the payment channel can receive payment normally and needs an overseas PayPal account (Hong Kong, Taiwan can also be used). Normally, if you bind the PayPal order process, you can jump to the PayPal login page usually, and there is no problem.

17. Each dispute initiated has 21 days of free negotiation time. During this period, if the negotiation fails and the incident escalates, you can apply for official Paypal intervention. The buyer and seller will provide the corresponding materials for a ruling.

18. Accounts will be frozen if too many buyer complaints and refusals are received, so the account should be used to collect payments. The products should be clearly stated when selling products to reduce unnecessary complaints and chargebacks.

19. The initial handling fee for a new account is 4.4%+0.3 USD. If the monthly turnover exceeds 3,000 USD, you can apply for the PayPal merchant discount program. You can apply once. Paypal will automatically adjust the handling fee at the next stage.

20. Don’t log into other people’s computers at will to prevent being associated. Although the probability is very low, you should try to avoid what can be avoided.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Paypal is used in a standardized manner. There will be no major problems with complete information, so don’t worry too much. If the account is restricted, PayPal will tell you what information needs to be provided, and if the corresponding information is provided, the appeal will be unblocked.

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