What is the power and charging speed of the car wireless charger?

The power and charging speed of a car wireless charger can vary depending on the specific model and features. Generally, car wireless chargers use Qi wireless charging technology and can deliver up to 10 watts of power, which is the maximum amount of power that Qi charging technology supports.

However, the actual charging speed can depend on several factors, including the wattage output of the charger, the battery capacity of your phone, and the quality of the charging cable. In general, the charging speed of a wireless charger may be slower than that of a wired charger.

Some car wireless chargers offer fast charging capabilities, such as Quick Charge or Power Delivery, which can deliver higher wattage output to your device, resulting in faster charging. However, to use these fast charging capabilities, your phone must also support these technologies.

Overall, the power and charging speed of a car wireless charger can vary, so it is important to research and choose a charger that best fits your needs and requirements.

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