Energy storage power supply is becoming more and more popular in the market. What are the application scenarios for ordinary people?

Energy storage power supply has developed rapidly in recent years, the market demand has increased, and the prospect is good. For ordinary people, what we can use is a portable energy storage power supply, commonly known as a large power bank, which is convenient for our family to use for short-term power outage emergencies or for various devices that need to be charged when going out.
The abnormal weather in recent years, energy consumption, and the blackouts in Chongqing this summer can give us some thoughts. We can prepare an energy storage power supply at home. When there is a power outage at home, it can meet the normal operation of some necessary appliances. Such as refrigerators, air conditioners, communication equipment, kitchen equipment, lighting equipment, etc.
With the rise of camping, camping is not as simple as simply setting up a tent for the night to get close to nature. Some will have outdoor barbecues, and simple meals, and some will choose to watch dramas at the campsite, etc. The needs are different, and one needs to be prepared. The outdoor power supply meets the charging needs of small car refrigerators, lighting, fans, photographic equipment, mobile phones, notebooks, rice cookers, etc.

Family self-driving travel is also a major way of travel nowadays. Sometimes when it is inconvenient because of the long distance, an outdoor power supply is needed to power digital equipment and catering equipment.
For photography enthusiasts, outdoor power supplies are needed to power mobile phones, notebooks, cameras, drones, etc., when outdoor photography takes a long time.
Many people who like to fish usually spend the night at the fishing spot when they go fishing in the wild, and they also need an outdoor power supply to supply power for communication, digital equipment, and catering equipment.
The above are the places where ordinary people usually use energy storage power, as well as RV owners, live broadcasters, outdoor surveys, small emergency rescues, etc.
Now there are many brands of outdoor power supplies on the market, such as Jackery, Ecoflow, and Bluetti. There are many types of outdoor power supplies to meet everyone’s different needs.

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