How to make a boutique wireless charger?

As wireless charger technology becomes more and more mature, product designs on the market gradually become similar. Basically, wireless charging manufacturers will refer to the designs of Apple, Belkin and Mophie, and these three companies have gradually become leaders in product design. CowinLink’s product inspiration will also refer to the entire market and make some improvements in its own design.
Recently, CowinLink has focused on the improvement of product appearance and materials. Our products have a layer of fabric on the surface, and the fabric itself has many choices. The use of fabrics provides a more sufficient choice for different customers to choose the color and texture of the product.
Crocodile skin is often used on leather shoes and bags. Who would have thought that we would use it as a wireless charger? Leather and cloth tools make wireless charging a lot more luxurious.

Crocodile skin
Wireless Charger Cover

(Crocodile skin)

PU Leather

(Regular PU Leather)

For example, the HY-020 three-in-one magnetic suction wireless charger adopts a folding design for easy portability. The charging area for mobile phones, earphones, and watches can be captured in the palm of your hand. When needed, it can be unfolded and charged immediately. There is finally a one-stop solution for going out to charge. CowinLink provides an ingenious storage box that simultaneously accommodates wireless chargers, PD chargers, and data cables. Compared with traditional fabric materials, the felt-like texture has better weather resistance.
In addition to the unique and precise craftsmanship, HY-020 is also unambiguous in its internal materials. The product can use Apple’s original magnetic suction module, which can be aligned wirelessly. It can be charged as soon as it is placed without alignment. It has also passed the MFM and MFW certifications, the measured input power can reach more than 15W, and the charging speed is guaranteed. At the same time, the charging positions for watches and earphones support a maximum output power of 5W. If you don’t care about the price so much, then Apple’s family barrel users may be the best choice for travel charging. If the price is considered, we can also provide different price options.

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